Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One of those days

Well today was a relatively uneventful day, went to work and didn't leave the lunch room. That's right today I got paid a pretty chunk of change to clean up my hard drive and watch documentaries, I'm okay with this. But I managed to catch a little blip from someone and it got me thinking about freedom of speech. How free should speech be and should we censor hate mongers for the potential harm they can cause. I can only give my opinions on this one because I don't have stats to back myself up but I do have reason so we'll see how you all feel whether or not my reason is sound or not.
Freedom of speech is like to me any other freedom, free. These things are not decided by someone else no one is allowed to tell you what you can or can not do. I'm not saying there is no responsibility for your actions rather I'm trying to express that for everyones right to say something everyone else has the right to choose whether or not to believe. So there isn't a simple right or wrong in statements but rather a check and balance of freedom and responsibility. I can call for a eugenic world in which only the mightiest blackest gerbils are allowed to continue and only if they boycott right hand turns and the check to that ludicrousness is everyone else going "well isn't that cute, he's nuts and has his own soap box, so we can gain amusement and chuckle over dinner." Now I know there are people who are more convincing and make things like looting and pillaging seem reasonable and even necessary (Iraq) but it's the responsibility of everyone not to get caught up in rhetoric. Remember my freedoms and rights end where yours begin and the idea of any right or freedom that you can claim for yourself is that you have now granted it to everyone you deal with. I'll have to attach the philosophy of freedom at some point or if you like look it up on youtube. Very much worth the time to watch.

Take 'er easy kiddies.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just waking up but figured I'd write something to get in the habit.

Morning all just woke up, and got on my youtube and started with a bunch of Alex Jones on eugenics and depopulation fun times. Now I get where he's coming from and if you double check his references they do actually exist. So with that out of the way here's why I 'm here today and what I'd like to think the one person who stumbles across this may actually look into. Global "governance", now I'm not sure what the difference between government and governance is but when my prime minister calls for global governance without the loss of sovereignty, and the former prime minister Paul Martin states that in the coming global system countries have to be willing to sacrifice a bit of their sovereignty so it can work. Well one thing I'm noticing is that no where along the way is anyone suggesting a government of elected officials or anything looking like a representative government but an appointed system in which the idea of a ruling elite seems to know what's best for the rest of us. Now I'm not a fan of the centralization of power on the best of days just because my experience and dabbles in history suggest this never ends well the power corrupts deal. We already have super elites pushing governments around with threats of economic ruin what's to encourage us to believe that with a global power structure they aren't the very engineers of such a system? I know the proles tend to spend very little time worrying about anything outside of making their credit payments but perhaps it would be a good time to look at the history of globalism and even environmentalism, I'll get into that one next time because I want to find some solid references to the 70's impending ice age from what?... Oh yes you guessed it CO2! Well I gotta run and put some food into me before I run off to play in the tarsands.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And so it begins...

Hello all, both those who are here and those who are not, I imagine as of this point it is about one hundred percent of the population who are not. I'm just gonna wing it for this one and try to give a heads up as to what I want to do here over the next little while. With everything going on in the world and as someone who tries to keep up to date in such matters I find myself usually forming rather unpopular views or at least what would not be allowed to be expressed in main stream media due to assorted forces that prefer to pretend we can't see them. In a world where Monsanto can prevent the population of a country from being warned about the dangers of its products and then have it spun that the people didn't want to hear it because in a free market the customer decides what shall be aired so it's not as though they had any real impact in the matter. A misrepresentation of justice is carried I imagine everyday and we're told nothing because we aren't listening or have simply become apathetic I think it's important that those who are paying attention share what they do know or believe, and these are two very different things that we don't properly separate either in language or even in our own minds. I will try to be conscious of differentiating from what I know (which is very little), what I believe, and what I'm poking through with a suspicious mind (which happens a lot).

Keep in mind I am not a tinfoil hat wearing mother fucker, hippies generally piss me off but I do tend to agree with them on a great many points, yuppies also piss me off but I do love their chai lattes and assorted other little bits of their culture. I don't have to agree with you to admit that you're right.

So with that I will let you go so I can find something resembling breakfast and go about finding something new to become incensed about today, bill C-6 in Canada looks like a good start.

Lotsa love, Mike