Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And so it begins...

Hello all, both those who are here and those who are not, I imagine as of this point it is about one hundred percent of the population who are not. I'm just gonna wing it for this one and try to give a heads up as to what I want to do here over the next little while. With everything going on in the world and as someone who tries to keep up to date in such matters I find myself usually forming rather unpopular views or at least what would not be allowed to be expressed in main stream media due to assorted forces that prefer to pretend we can't see them. In a world where Monsanto can prevent the population of a country from being warned about the dangers of its products and then have it spun that the people didn't want to hear it because in a free market the customer decides what shall be aired so it's not as though they had any real impact in the matter. A misrepresentation of justice is carried I imagine everyday and we're told nothing because we aren't listening or have simply become apathetic I think it's important that those who are paying attention share what they do know or believe, and these are two very different things that we don't properly separate either in language or even in our own minds. I will try to be conscious of differentiating from what I know (which is very little), what I believe, and what I'm poking through with a suspicious mind (which happens a lot).

Keep in mind I am not a tinfoil hat wearing mother fucker, hippies generally piss me off but I do tend to agree with them on a great many points, yuppies also piss me off but I do love their chai lattes and assorted other little bits of their culture. I don't have to agree with you to admit that you're right.

So with that I will let you go so I can find something resembling breakfast and go about finding something new to become incensed about today, bill C-6 in Canada looks like a good start.

Lotsa love, Mike

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