Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guilty until proven innocent?!

So get this, I was at work the other day and we were going over some stupid rules that allows people to be fired without any real defense. So I piped up, because that is what I do, with a quick question of "What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?". Seemed like a rational enough question, you're threatening these people lively hood there should be some form of defense and accountability for false allegations. Now here's the kicker, I was quickly shot down with a quick innocent until proven guilty is an american phrase in Canada we're guilty until proven innocent. After that buddy goes off about how he has some sort of history in law or something I wasn't really listening because I was still reeling trying to contain my temper.
So here I feel like I've been punched in the gut because everything in me tells this is wrong and total bullshit. Unfortunately I can't think of where it is in Canadian law that says I'm right... but I'm pretty sure it's in the first few pages. So I get back to my room after work and do a quick google (remind me later to put a giant sign on my roof saying fuck you google that can be read by their little satellite) only to find that sure enough section 11(d) of the charter of rights and freedoms states: "Any person charged with an offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal". It doesn't even limit it to crimes! ANY OFFENCE! As you all might imagine I'm now royally fucking pissed for multiple reasons and now have to come up with the most effective way to tell safety and shell to suck the rankest spray poo I can muster.
Ah le sigh... I've already gone toe to toe with their security over unreasonable detention search and similar noise telling them that yes they had a very nice little card that said they were allowed to search people on site but I saw nothing on there about it super ceding the Canadian constitution or the UN declaration of Universal Human Rights. You can imagine how popular I am with these people although we no longer have security guards checking our bags as we leave.
Any thoughts on how to constructively talking to these people about such things would be appreciated cause I don't think my suck spray poo comments are going to be over constructive despite their therapeutic nature.

Aloha Eh! Mike

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Interesting times!

So I used to be very pissed off that I had been born in the wrong generation. I figured the 60's was my time, hippies, free love, and people who stood up for things... Well I'm still pissed off but no longer do I feel I'm in the wrong generation!

My planet is fucked and I will admit that part of me really loves it because in some twisted way it's exciting! Hells right now I'm trying to find a way to get over to Georgia and south Ossetia so I can see what's going on there and maybe even help out a bit there with the clean up. But more so than that is that with little things like health care charter of freedom is here in Canada and the United States is in a state of free fall where I see a lot of people who really care about their republic trying their damnedest to save it and restore their rights and being what in any country should be looked at as good citizenship.

So where I'm going with this is that I revel in the idea that people are starting to give a damn and shedding their apathy. I've had several people refer to me as passionate which I must admit I think is wishful thinking, I'm pissed off. There is a very real difference good people who make the world a better place are passionate, I, while loving people, must admit a certain glee in watching chaos. So while the passionate people are out there trying to fix things I think I'm much more likely to merely try to protect those who I can while the system trips over itself.

Well gotta go to work and see who I can drive crazy tonight

Aloha eh,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1984 and pies

Welcome all and today we’re going to talk about privacy and pies, yup these two are more closely related than one may think. First pies, oh yes I like pies, home made pies like grandma used to make, and here we hit point one, there is a generation between me and real pies. My mom never really did a lot of baking and I’ve seen what the pathetic excuse for baking my generation tries to get away with. It used to be you started with an apple tree or garden or other such food source and flour and lard and dare I say it “ingredients” but not today we start with a bloody super market or super store or super something and the baking supplies (that’s right supplies not ingredients) in isle 6. Here in the magical land of isle 6 we find pre made crust at one end and a can of whatever at the other end. Apples, berries, peaches, which may or may not contain said apples berries or peaches but will contain all sorts of preservatives that will not be listed on it because that may give us pause for concern. Then we begin the arduous trip to the isle of 8 to quest for a disposable pie pan because offenses of offenses the pre made pie crust doesn’t come with a pan already attached! From there we load into our disposable car and drive to our apartment complex trying not to make to much noise or risk offending the snitch in apartment 2398 who will stay up till 3 in the morning to call in noise complaints so officer what am I doing with my life can show up to wake you up and ask why are there noise complaints about you. Any who’s I digress back to the baking! We put our pie crust into the pie pan and the pie filling into the pie crust and this monstrosity into our apartment sized stove that will strain for the next 30 minutes to make what will then be called a pie. IT’S NOT A PIE PEOPLE! Anyone who’s enjoyed a real pie will know the difference. It’s like the salisbury steak, it’s a bloody hamburger! I don’t call a pinto a salisbury cadillac! So how does this all come back to privacy? Really it’s a simple connection of convenience and independence. When people realize that independence is rarely convenient the have to make a choice will I do this myself and my way or will I let someone else do it while whining about the results. Now I feel this may all be coming out of seemingly left field so I will share where this bonnet of bees came from. Our motherland of Britain (If the US has taken to referring to itself as the homeland which brings with it the connotations of being the fatherland I will label Britain our new motherland) back on topic Britain has decided it will spend approximately 700 million to push towards a full first stage of 1984 control and usurpation of family control. This is all under the banner of “for the children” which pisses me off to no end but let’s keep going you remember that snitch in apt 2398 right? Well it turns out she has been deemed a responsible parent by the government so when little Johnny gets out of hand she going to call the “family intervention projects” and then after a short interview it will be decided you could use some “guidance” so the government will install “free of charge” cameras or “telescreens” to ensure the children are going to bed at an appropriate time, going to school, eating proper meals, not being mistreated and fulfilling their contractual duties... oh yeah did I forget to mention that there will be a contract for both the parents and children to sign making a legal obligation as to what is appropriate behavior for both? It must have slipped my slippery little mind. Then we hit the little issue of private security guards and social services workers (anyone who’s dealt with these “people” before will understand the true threat they pose to any developing human being) will have full access to make “home checks” to ensure you are raising your children within pre established acceptable parameters. So don’t you dare think of taking your children out to pluck apples from trees and show them how to make a crust from ingredients and bake for the love of food and family because more than likely that is outside the pre established acceptable parameters and could possibly lead to an independent nature and deviant behavior. However if you choose to go buy the Pre made pie in a box with the pie pan already on it and already baked, skip the arduous task of baking real or eating real food you should get a palpable review from the sate, and while we’re at it skip the arduous task of raising your children and just hand them over to the state. Motherland knows best don’t you know.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Depopulation means you have to die if you're poor.

Check this out and feel free to comment back, really I'm just having to much fun playing with the whole sustainable development "movement" and the religion that is now climate change.

Darwin awards and making the attempt

Hey there all today I wanted to discuss the darwin awards, most of us are moderately familiar with them and the basic summary is that stupid people do stupid things and end up dead as a result. So I've got one comment on this, at least they tried! I always read these and end up thinking that I would have liked several of these individuals but a little more forethought may have been in order. You kids have fun eh!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One of those days

Well today was a relatively uneventful day, went to work and didn't leave the lunch room. That's right today I got paid a pretty chunk of change to clean up my hard drive and watch documentaries, I'm okay with this. But I managed to catch a little blip from someone and it got me thinking about freedom of speech. How free should speech be and should we censor hate mongers for the potential harm they can cause. I can only give my opinions on this one because I don't have stats to back myself up but I do have reason so we'll see how you all feel whether or not my reason is sound or not.
Freedom of speech is like to me any other freedom, free. These things are not decided by someone else no one is allowed to tell you what you can or can not do. I'm not saying there is no responsibility for your actions rather I'm trying to express that for everyones right to say something everyone else has the right to choose whether or not to believe. So there isn't a simple right or wrong in statements but rather a check and balance of freedom and responsibility. I can call for a eugenic world in which only the mightiest blackest gerbils are allowed to continue and only if they boycott right hand turns and the check to that ludicrousness is everyone else going "well isn't that cute, he's nuts and has his own soap box, so we can gain amusement and chuckle over dinner." Now I know there are people who are more convincing and make things like looting and pillaging seem reasonable and even necessary (Iraq) but it's the responsibility of everyone not to get caught up in rhetoric. Remember my freedoms and rights end where yours begin and the idea of any right or freedom that you can claim for yourself is that you have now granted it to everyone you deal with. I'll have to attach the philosophy of freedom at some point or if you like look it up on youtube. Very much worth the time to watch.

Take 'er easy kiddies.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just waking up but figured I'd write something to get in the habit.

Morning all just woke up, and got on my youtube and started with a bunch of Alex Jones on eugenics and depopulation fun times. Now I get where he's coming from and if you double check his references they do actually exist. So with that out of the way here's why I 'm here today and what I'd like to think the one person who stumbles across this may actually look into. Global "governance", now I'm not sure what the difference between government and governance is but when my prime minister calls for global governance without the loss of sovereignty, and the former prime minister Paul Martin states that in the coming global system countries have to be willing to sacrifice a bit of their sovereignty so it can work. Well one thing I'm noticing is that no where along the way is anyone suggesting a government of elected officials or anything looking like a representative government but an appointed system in which the idea of a ruling elite seems to know what's best for the rest of us. Now I'm not a fan of the centralization of power on the best of days just because my experience and dabbles in history suggest this never ends well the power corrupts deal. We already have super elites pushing governments around with threats of economic ruin what's to encourage us to believe that with a global power structure they aren't the very engineers of such a system? I know the proles tend to spend very little time worrying about anything outside of making their credit payments but perhaps it would be a good time to look at the history of globalism and even environmentalism, I'll get into that one next time because I want to find some solid references to the 70's impending ice age from what?... Oh yes you guessed it CO2! Well I gotta run and put some food into me before I run off to play in the tarsands.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And so it begins...

Hello all, both those who are here and those who are not, I imagine as of this point it is about one hundred percent of the population who are not. I'm just gonna wing it for this one and try to give a heads up as to what I want to do here over the next little while. With everything going on in the world and as someone who tries to keep up to date in such matters I find myself usually forming rather unpopular views or at least what would not be allowed to be expressed in main stream media due to assorted forces that prefer to pretend we can't see them. In a world where Monsanto can prevent the population of a country from being warned about the dangers of its products and then have it spun that the people didn't want to hear it because in a free market the customer decides what shall be aired so it's not as though they had any real impact in the matter. A misrepresentation of justice is carried I imagine everyday and we're told nothing because we aren't listening or have simply become apathetic I think it's important that those who are paying attention share what they do know or believe, and these are two very different things that we don't properly separate either in language or even in our own minds. I will try to be conscious of differentiating from what I know (which is very little), what I believe, and what I'm poking through with a suspicious mind (which happens a lot).

Keep in mind I am not a tinfoil hat wearing mother fucker, hippies generally piss me off but I do tend to agree with them on a great many points, yuppies also piss me off but I do love their chai lattes and assorted other little bits of their culture. I don't have to agree with you to admit that you're right.

So with that I will let you go so I can find something resembling breakfast and go about finding something new to become incensed about today, bill C-6 in Canada looks like a good start.

Lotsa love, Mike